3″ Air Cannon

2 08 2010

My air cannon.  This uses a standard air compressor hose to attach to the air reservoir (on the left), and a standard electronic sprinkler valve to release the air as desired.  I’ve had a lot of fun with this thing (this was a project that I never documented).   I’ve shot tennis balls, water balloons, empty pop cans, full pop cans, and much more out of this thing and it will shoot it up to 500 ft.  I even filled the barrel half full of water and it just shot it up into a fine mist twice as high as my house!!!!!  Good times.

As far as the construction goes make sure to use the gray glue, it’s slower to dry but does a much better job at holding the joints together.  The shape is nothing special other than since the barrel is almost 5′ long I didn’t want to carry around a straight cannon since it would have been 10′ long.  So to sum up it’s just to make it more compact.


John’s CNC Router aka Blackfoot

29 07 2010

Here is the CNC router that I have built!  It’s not completely from stratch.  I built a lot of it from a kit from buildyourcnc.com.  The metal table/frame was welded by a good friend of mine.  I assembled the electronics, and believe it or not they were assembled correctly the first time!  This is what I have been up to lately and the reason I haven’t posted forever.  The CNC router cuts wood and plastics.  Which I am very excited about because I can also use it to get to my other hobby my laminar fountains!!!

What I’ve been up to

2 07 2010

So the few (ok, really probably 2 of you, if I’m lucky) of the reads that I have out there are probably wondering where I have been.  Well, I’ve been working on my cnc router making products for a craft fair called Swiss Days.  Well, here is one of the first cuts that I made on my DIY cnc router.  I’m pretty happy with the results!!!  Thanks.  Comments are always welcome!

Lighting and Stepper Motor

9 10 2009

I’m getting close to getting everything working on the same board right now.  It’s mostly just getting the software to play nice together right now.  I still have a lot ahead of me on that.  I thought I would catch everyone up on what I’ve been doing lately on this project.  So enjoy, and leave some feedback please!

Flaming Pumpkins

29 09 2009

So a year ago a couple of my friends and I got together so that we could build a trebuchet!  We decided to go camping this year so that we could unleash the FULL FURY of it!  Just as all campouts have fire this one does too!  Come on, what are you going to expect when you get a whole bunch of guys together that have matches!!!  As you can see it was pretty spectacular!!!  Thanks to Matt for the photo!


The pumpkins were flying about 150 ft and BOOM!  It was a beautiful thing.

Stepper Motor Cutting Mechanism

16 08 2009

I’m still working on the code to make it a bit faster, but even still I think it is looking great!

Laminar Nozzle Light Test 1

11 05 2009

I finished my first test for the lighting.  I’m pretty pleased with my results.  I’m just using a single Rebel Endor Tri RGB LED.  It’s not as good as Mario’s results, but they are a good start.  The good thing is is that I am going to just use one LED per nozzle.  I’ve designed a “lighting core” that uses use 3 fiber optics. The LEDs or the Rebel Endor is placed at the bottom of the lighting core below the nozzle.

The problem that I have is that the stream is too clear and is transmitting the light too efficiently and not producing a nice light effect during the day or in light.

enjoy!  Ideas for making the light shine better?