Laminar Nozzle Light Test 1

11 05 2009

I finished my first test for the lighting.  I’m pretty pleased with my results.  I’m just using a single Rebel Endor Tri RGB LED.  It’s not as good as Mario’s results, but they are a good start.  The good thing is is that I am going to just use one LED per nozzle.  I’ve designed a “lighting core” that uses use 3 fiber optics. The LEDs or the Rebel Endor is placed at the bottom of the lighting core below the nozzle.

The problem that I have is that the stream is too clear and is transmitting the light too efficiently and not producing a nice light effect during the day or in light.

enjoy!  Ideas for making the light shine better?


The Nozzle Design

20 04 2009


Laminar Nozzle Cutter Test 2

11 04 2009

The cutter is working much better since I added the baffle.  The baffle is working almost perfectly except for that pesky leak.  I’m pretty sure that leak is comming from the brass nozzle/plexiglass interface. I suppose that I will just add some more expoxy and hope that it works this time.

Here are a couple of my thoughts regarding the cutter.

1. Fix the electronic switching so that it flips the electricity from one solenoid to the other immediately.

2. Fix the drip.

3. Fix the drain for the water.  I think it is probably the biggest of the three right now in order to make the cutter work properly.

Laminar Nozzle Speed Cutting Test

11 04 2009

A friend of mine posted a video of his cutter just cutting so that we could gauge the speed of his cutting.  I’ve decided to do the same.  If you have done this let me know how your’s compares.  If you have any concerns or possible design improvements let me know.  I’ve been told that this is the trickest part of the whole laminar fountain, and it is pretty tricky to get it to work the way I dream it.

Laminar Nozzle Cutter Mechanism Test 1

8 04 2009

I got a prototype working last night for the cutter mechanism!  It works….mostly.  There are some bugs in that I have to work out, but all in all a strong showing.

It may be difficult to see, but when it is un-cut there are more blurbs (I don’t know what to call it!  If you have a good name submit it please!) than there should be.  I’m thinking it is probably from the water splashing on the upper plate and then dripping down onto the nozzle and then getting sucked up by the stream casuing the annomally (there’s a good word for it).  That’s my guess.  Any suggestions as to what it is would be greatly appreciated.

Laminar Nozzle 8″ Prototype Test 1

3 04 2009

Let me know what you think!!!!  Have any suggestions?  Have you built one of these before?  Are you going to build one?  Please leave a comment.

Laminar Flow Fountain – Tangential Input

22 07 2008
Ok, here is what I am planning for the tangential input. I have a small drill press in my laboratory that I used to drill the hole tangential to the interior wall.

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