Laminar Flow Fountain – Brass Nozzle Insert

21 07 2008
So I finally was able to get into my little workshop and setup the machinery to insert the brass nozzle into the prototype laminar nozzle.

Just to recap for the rest of us. I had a manufacturing company that I know make this fabulous brass nozzle for me. I finally got the parts last week and have been itching to get to use them but life has gotten in the way. I’ve been working on this project for about 1.5 months and have had some pretty steady progress, but this nozzle really takes the design to the next level.


Here is the before pictures of the nozzle WITHOUT the brass nozzle insert.
Notice the water veins in it that are coming right out of the exit? They disappear as the water travels on, but it adds to the turbulence and if there is enough flow the water will begin to break up.


Here are the pictures with the brass nozzle insert. This is a low flow rate, but it is comparable to the flow rate in the previous pictures.

This is my favorite picture notice the ASSESENCE of the water viens!!! Absolutely CRYSTAL CLEAR LAMINAR FLOW!


  1. Work on building a tangential inlet.
    1. It is my belief that if I add the tangential input I will be able to increase the range without the water breaking up to about 4 times greater than what it currently is.
  2. Continue to work on the electronics to cut and light the nozzle
  3. When parts arrive, assemble the 1st build.
    1. 1st build includes (August 12th)
      1. 1 Laminar flow nozzle
      2. Cutter mechanism
      3. Low Pass filter
      4. Pump
      5. LED Light source
      6. Fiber Optics
  4. Test 1st build
  5. Evaluate and Redesign as needed