John’s CNC Router aka Blackfoot

29 07 2010

Here is the CNC router that I have built!  It’s not completely from stratch.  I built a lot of it from a kit from  The metal table/frame was welded by a good friend of mine.  I assembled the electronics, and believe it or not they were assembled correctly the first time!  This is what I have been up to lately and the reason I haven’t posted forever.  The CNC router cuts wood and plastics.  Which I am very excited about because I can also use it to get to my other hobby my laminar fountains!!!


What I’ve been up to

2 07 2010

So the few (ok, really probably 2 of you, if I’m lucky) of the reads that I have out there are probably wondering where I have been.  Well, I’ve been working on my cnc router making products for a craft fair called Swiss Days.  Well, here is one of the first cuts that I made on my DIY cnc router.  I’m pretty happy with the results!!!  Thanks.  Comments are always welcome!