I always wanted to be an evil genius. I have TWO main problems with that:

First, I’m not very mad. I’m not mad in either sense of the word. I’m not an angry person, nor am I crazy. At least, I don’t consider myself mad.

Second, I’m not a genius. That’s the real bummer. =( I keep trying to come up with something really creative, that everyone wants, that takes no money to start, and let the royality checks come rolling in, but that hasn’t happened yet.

I am, however, very passionate about engineering, building, creating, and being creative, and as such this leads me to one of my favorite things to do PROJECTS! This blog will be a tribute to both success and failure of my projects. Hopefully there will be more of the former and less of the latter.

Welcome and enjoy your stay. Please comment on anything you like or make suggestions that you have for billion dollar ideas.


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12 11 2008

I am helping my husband build a laminar flow fountain for our pool/spa. He has run out of time to complete the design, and to manufacture the fountain, as his wife (me) is holding to her rebar/gunite/we will swim by spring/schedule.
Can you recommend someone to talk with who might want to build our designed laminar fountains. We are located in Los Altos CA. The person Mario that you mentioned sounds like someone who may help us. We are willing to pay, given the right person. Thank you so much for consideration! I enjoyed your website on your fountain build. martha

13 11 2008

I have send your contact information to Mario. I’m sure he will get in touch with you.

22 12 2008

tank you for answer me,but i dont know i can laminar water
with mesh? how i can?
i want know only only method for remove turbolance of water and make laminar water.not cuter mechanism,not lighing
vary very tanks
please help me,please

24 12 2008


I have been looking at laminar fountains for a couple of years and plan to start my first prototype in the next couple of months. I am have purchased ten feet of 10 inch diameter plastic sewer pipe and a case of drinking straws. I have some small pneumatic rams that i would like to use for the cutters and I hope to control the pumps, LED’s and cutters with my Light O Rama control system.
I would love to talk to you about your project and compare notes. (I believe we live fairly close to each other.)

10 05 2009


How will you get around the amp rating per channel of the LOR, controlling your pumps?


11 05 2009

I’m going to work on my own customized board. At least that is the grand plan.

22 06 2009


Excellent work on your fountain(s). I have been following your work on these for a while now and plan on building one this summer, I finally finished my other projects. I have a question for you. Why did you decide on brass for the nozzle? Would the eventual tarnishing lead to the disruption of the laminar flow? Im lucky enough to work for a machine shop supply company and want to contract a customer to make the same nozzle out of 316 stainless to prevent tarnish or rusting. Either way I’ll be using your site as a templet.

Keep up the great work,


22 02 2010

I’m building a laminar fountain and need the brass nozzle to complete my project. Can you get me a couple please?


6 04 2010
sagar chitale

I am very thankful for the prompt up date

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