3″ Air Cannon

2 08 2010

My air cannon.  This uses a standard air compressor hose to attach to the air reservoir (on the left), and a standard electronic sprinkler valve to release the air as desired.  I’ve had a lot of fun with this thing (this was a project that I never documented).   I’ve shot tennis balls, water balloons, empty pop cans, full pop cans, and much more out of this thing and it will shoot it up to 500 ft.  I even filled the barrel half full of water and it just shot it up into a fine mist twice as high as my house!!!!!  Good times.

As far as the construction goes make sure to use the gray glue, it’s slower to dry but does a much better job at holding the joints together.  The shape is nothing special other than since the barrel is almost 5′ long I didn’t want to carry around a straight cannon since it would have been 10′ long.  So to sum up it’s just to make it more compact.