Laminar Flow Nozzle/Fountain

The first time I saw the Laminar Flow Fountains was at the Epcot Center in Disney World.  I was 15 years old and enamored by it.  Over the years I forgot about it.  Until recently….

My wife and I went to Walt Disney world and I made it a point to show her the fountains that I fell in love with.  She too fell in love with them.

Now I am in a position in my life where I can build one for myself.  Thus begins the journey to Laminar Flow Fountaindom

I started this project in May 2008.  I thought it would be a simple project just hook some cheap homemade PVC nozzles up to a sprinkler line and away I go!  As I began my research I learned that it wasn’t going to be that easy.  I read patent after patent and scoured the web for any information that I can find about laminar flow nozzles.  What I turned up was that I wasn’t going to be easy.  IT WAS GOING TO BE FUN!

I will be blogging about my experiences as I go from Nozzle Newb to Laminar Legend.  If you have some experiences with Laminar flow nozzles and fountains I would love for you to share them with me.

This is what I am trying for.  I’m getting there, but like I said before this is journey.


On this journey I have failed a lot, but learned even more.  All of the information that I have on the laminar fountains and some of the tests that I ran can be found under the category:


I have tried my best to document everything, with that said there are always going to be gaps in my documentation.  Please comment or email me and we can try and fix that!

UPDATE: 10/21/2008

I given up on making the 4″ model work.  Actually the 4″ model works, but it doesn’t throw the water far enough.  I’m in the process of acquiring some 8″ diameter pipe to start the next design with.

UPDATE: 04/02/2009

My first successful test of the 8″ diameter nozzle. Check it out here.


6 responses

6 11 2008
Chris D. Brooks

I can offer a few notes on water screens. I’ve been working on this concept for a year now to use as an advertising backdrop. I found the webpage you all are using, but I’m not sure how to contribute online to this page.

I found a website that suggested drilling holes at 16 per inch, but not in a stright line. It’s basically 8 holes per inch in pairs.

Pass on my email:

8 01 2009
Mr. pankaj mali

cant say… i think if some one reduces the velocity of approch in a perticular given head ; at 4 to5 stages; n succedes to reduce the velocity of aproch nearly zero then one can get laminar flow or fountain in laminar flow…i think it wil work

29 04 2009
Steffen Webb

Hi John?

Did my first try this weekend with no luck. I would say thats it even worse
through my nozzle. Here in Denmark its really difficult to get the right material, so mine is build from some plumper plastic tubes, soda straws etc. my outlet “nozzle” is made by a brass fitting also from the plumper department, but that doesnt make any differense. Can you tell what to focus on on my way doing it right. Found many videos on youtube, put people seems not to show the complete assembly and parts.

By the way, i love your work !!

Regards Steffen Webb

29 06 2009
stephen Parker

do you share what the internal parts of your machine are will a 450 gpm pump work or do I need a bigger pump. the air bump filter is beautiful and simple.

2 08 2009

your website and videos are great i noticed an the forum that you were from utah i live in west valley city and im very interested in seeing the projects that you have created. i’m currently working on designing different water features and was impressed what i have seen. hope to here from you soon.

24 12 2009
Moe Truman

Love to get a good site to build a laminar from’

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