Laminar Flow Fountain by Mario

16 07 2008

So, I’ve made some new friends on this journey to the laminar fountain! I am proud to introduce you to Mario the Magician. He really is a magician in more ways than one! First it really is his career in Switzerland, but more importantly he is a WIZARD with laminar flow fountains!

With his permission, I’ve uploaded a video of his fountain. He has done a remarkable job, and I just can’t believe the quality of his fountain. The water doesn’t have a imperfection in it!!! FLAWLESS COMPLETELY FLAWLESS!!!!!!

Ok, so he built a fountain that shoots out a prefectly clear stream of water without a flaw in it…SO WHAT!

Well, not only did he built the fountain, but he also built the electronics from stratch, and programmed it all from stratch all while learning everything he could about the fountains online!!!!!

I am continuously astounded by his ingenuity and BRILLIANCE.

This video shows the flow from the fountain and its different modes. I can’t say enough about MARIO! Thanks for sharing Mario!



Brass Nozzle – Exit Orifice

13 07 2008

I got my 0.5″ Brass Nozzle from my manufacturer today. They look great! I’m very impressed with the quality. The internal diameter is 0.5″ the external diameter is 1″. The thickness is .177″

The internal edge is very sharp and could cut your finger. I’m sure that this will do perform well. I can’t wait to test it, but I’m still waiting on some other parts.