Trebuchet – The Bucket

14 10 2008

The BucketSo as I mentioned before I’ve enlisted some help from my friends since this project is bigger than me!  I might be able to do all of this on my own but it would take 5 years to finish instead of 5 weeks.   Sir Prichart Jefferson Hunt welded up this AWESOME metal box known as the The Bucket!

The bucket is is one of the most important parts of a trebuchet!    It has to be very sturdy since this is going to be holding about 600 lbs of concrete.  Not only does it have to hold the concrete, but it also has to swing it around, generating about 2100 lbs of force.  The concrete blocks that I am making will fit into this bucket.  I’ve only made one concrete block and I suspect that we will need about 3 – 4 block.