Trebuchet – Throwing Arm

11 11 2008

So in explaining on how to size the primary axle, I realized something.  The same force that the primary axle experiences will also be experienced by the secondary axle!  This is bad, considering that I was planning on using something a lot smaller on the secondary axle.

However, this is not a complete disaster!  We had a couple of different options.

  • Resize the axle
  • make the axle strong (I don’t know how exactly)
  • or distribute the forces closer to the edges

So that’s what we did!  Instead of having the two 2×8’s right next to each other we decided that we would put a 2×4 in between the board in order to space out the forces that the 2×8’s are putting on the secondary axle.



The forces are acting on the basket, throught the axle to the throwing arm.  The closer we bring the 2×8’s to the basket arms the less of a moment arm there is, which means less bending.  Just think for a minute.  We’ve all seen those large cat machines and all of those joints are made in a similar fashion to how we are making the basket joint.  If we look at the figure below the pin there is a tremenous amount of forces on that pin, but it completely in shear forces, and not bending.  It’s a lot easier to deal with shear forces, than it is to deal with bending forces.

So that what we did by separtating the beam and distributing the forces.

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