Laminar Nozzle Light Test 1

11 05 2009

I finished my first test for the lighting.  I’m pretty pleased with my results.  I’m just using a single Rebel Endor Tri RGB LED.  It’s not as good as Mario’s results, but they are a good start.  The good thing is is that I am going to just use one LED per nozzle.  I’ve designed a “lighting core” that uses use 3 fiber optics. The LEDs or the Rebel Endor is placed at the bottom of the lighting core below the nozzle.

The problem that I have is that the stream is too clear and is transmitting the light too efficiently and not producing a nice light effect during the day or in light.

enjoy!  Ideas for making the light shine better?


The Nozzle Design

20 04 2009


Compressed Air Rockets (Part 3.5)

2 10 2008

I made a rocket last night in about 30 mins even while documenting it.  They are really simple to make.

Materials List:

Heavy duty Paper 2-3 peices




Large Circular object  (i.e. Pot Lid, coffee can lid, etc.)

PVC Launch tube