Stepper Motor Cutting Mechanism

16 08 2009

I’m still working on the code to make it a bit faster, but even still I think it is looking great!




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25 08 2009

Looking at all the different test on the web i see 2 common things:

1. All of them have a “nose”
2. All of them use a single arm as a cutter

Wouldnt it be an idea to use a double arm. Like a knife. Or maybe even with half a circle cut out both blades so the cut is gradual?

25 08 2009

I’ve always wanted to try that, however, I just haven’t had the time to do so yet. I thought that I would get it working first then make some improvements.

28 08 2009

Playing around with the garden hose i got a small idea.

In the tube you try to create a laminair flow which works perfectly if you look at it 😉 when the cutter is initiated and you follow the flow leaving the tube you see the end is near to perfect. only when you release the cutter you see the nose.

The water beam (dont know the exact word for it) is laminair but is getting disturbed by the cutter.

Wouldn’t it be an idea to move the cutter inwards instead of outwards e.g. before or after the straws. This way you dont disturb the laminair flow leaving the nozzle.

30 09 2009
John Jarvis

Hi John I think your latest cutter mechanism is excellent. I am working on similar lines with a stepper motor. Containing all the splash within the unit is I am sure the neatest way of doing it. We have in our city centre an installation using Oase jumping jets but the ‘nose’ is much worse than you are achieving. Wish I knew how to upload video or pictures to the forum. Regards John

30 09 2009


Good to hear from you again! If you can’t upload photos to the forum then you probably have to put them on an account like photobucket or flickr. I’m not sure because I actually have posted any photos. I typically just post video.

If you want to post video just upload it to youtube! Then you can link to the video from the forum!!!

I’d sure like to see the OASE installations!!!! That would be great! I would love to be able to compare my results with the results from some “professionals.” I currently am having an issue associated with pump jitter once again. I think it is due to my pump but I don’t know. I can’t go out and buy a new pump to test it. I’m thinking that I just need to make a bigger low pass filter.

If you don’t want to post pictures, just email them to me. I’d love to see what you are up too!

11 11 2009

You are getting really good results! Suggest you look at this patent US 4,889,283 for an idea on how to cut the laminar stream more cleanly. I think you are creating turbulence when the shutter is closed and it takes a moment to reestablish laminar flow after the shutter opens which makes the leading end of the stream a bit “ragged”.

6 04 2010
sagar chitale

sir i am in the business of giveing fountains on rent
i have tried this fountain nozzel but no success i have put sponge &empty straw but the formation is not proper
on the site the in between distance is nearly 20 feet from the 2 water bodies what is the required hp pump please show or tell the inside part of it

20 04 2010

I definitely recommend using the concept illustrated in the patent that Alan listed. We did a project in my fluid dynamics class in college where we used a second stream of water to divert the main stream and it worked like a charm.

One of the beautiful parts is that you can use the second stream to push the laminar stream down towards your drain so you don’t get loose water spray that messes up the laminar flow at the head of the stream.

And by the way, awesome site! Keep up the good work. You have inspired me to make my own laminar jump jet this summer. To me, people who share in their own talents and provide inspiration for others are some of todays best heroes!

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