Laminar Nozzle 8″ Prototype Test 1

3 04 2009

Let me know what you think!!!!  Have any suggestions?  Have you built one of these before?  Are you going to build one?  Please leave a comment.




17 responses

4 04 2009
Ryan Bavetta

awesome! that is perfect!

8 04 2009

Hey, What a Awsome Video, Perfect! Now i have a question, what kind of Pump do you using? I use a very cheap one, and i mean its on the Pump that i dont have such a cool stabele stream. i am really enviously.



8 04 2009

I don’t know what kind of pump it actaully is, as I am borrowing it from a friend. I do know that it is a little giant pump. If you are still having some issues from pump jitter, you might want to consider building a second filter. I noticed in Zachary’s Parabolaqueous video (found on youtube) that he has a second filter right off of the pump. That might be something to consider.

8 04 2009

I actually have made one of these, but it was way way way UNCOOL-ER than this! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 04 2009
Lewis Family


Will you make me one of these. Seriously, will you make me one?

15 04 2009
Rodrigo Castro

God bless people like you!!! amazing project, not the first I have seen, but very neat, and well done videos, I working on a small water projection screen, so I have been studying a lot of sites with water topics… you got an A+++

15 04 2009

Thanks Rodrigo! Sounds like you a bit of a mad scientist yourself. Care to share! I’ll love to see some more crazy projects! There are enough of us out there.

15 04 2009
John Jarvis

Are you willing to share any details about the size and shape of the brass nozzle and where you had it made?

16 04 2009

The brass nozzle is very simple and if you look at the videos/pictures long enough you’ll be able to determine everything. It’s just 1″ brass with a 1/2″ hole in the center and a 45 degree chamfer added to it. That’s it!

I had them professionally made. I also ordered a ton more so that I could have extras. I could sell a couple to you. If you are interested let me know.

16 04 2009
John Jarvis

Hi John,thanks for your prompt reply. Please let me know how much want for a couple of nozzles,bear in mind I am in the UK. My first efforts were base on easily accessable 4″ pipe. I got reasonable results but not too much distance.My nozzle was about 3/8″ in the perspex end piece. To get a reasonable light distribution up the water stream I think your 1/2″ nozzle would be better. I am trying to souce some 8″ pipe offcuts from one our water utilities over here. I am using a DMX disco type light to project light through a clear perspex end panel right into the stream. Will be pleased to exchange ideas. Many thanks to you and Zachery in sharing your ideas with all of us. Regards John Jarvis

16 04 2009

I’m just about to post a message about a forum that has been started regarding the laminar flow fountains.

Please check it out and join up. We would love to have you join the forum!

17 04 2009
John Jarvis

Hi Have joined the forum you mention. Also watched your 8″ protype video test 1 again .Pity you can’t lose the music! it obiterates your voice. The other guy seem to get reasonable results using just a 4″ pipe. I could get about 6 feet.with a reasonable unbleamished stream. I started using a stepper motor to control my cutter( this was part of the original disco light, used to control the moving mirror) My light source is a 250w Halogen lamp with all the coloured moving discs etc contolled by DMX ( stage lighting control) Would prefer to separate the light box from the nozzle if I could find a supplier of appropriate fibre optics. Have you made any progress in that dept?. Will send some pictures when I sought out how to do it Regards John Jarvis

15 05 2009

I am from Germany
can you made me a Plan of the complet Nozzle ?
Sorry for my English

17 05 2009

I have also built one of these but have not gotten the brass nozzle rings as yet. I noticed you used a plexiglass cap instead of a regular cap. Was there a reason for this? I am interested in your cutting system you are using. Could you email me some information on the cutting scheme. I am building a small water founatain about 3 feet wide and 32 feet long. I want to have four laminar nozzles (maybe 6) 4 mini shooters and about 60 basic water nozzles. I am going to use an Allen Bradley PLC for the control system and would be very interested in learning more about your system. Thank you.

22 02 2010

I’m building a laminar fountain and need the brass nozzle to complete my project. Can you get me a couple please?


7 05 2010

for the up dates but still unclear

21 07 2010
Kevin Henshaw

I am also working on a Laminar Fountian project and would like to know where you are getting the Brass Nozzles from & what they are called. Part numbers would be handy as well. Thank you for you’r hard work and shareing you’r results as well.


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